Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My birthday bash lasted for two days. May 11th, the actual birthday was pretty quiet, since most of my friends were mothers celebrating Mother's Day. Can't compete with that! My brother cooked me a mean carbonara dish and unbelievably juicy chicken barbecue. After lunch, I went ahead and gave myself a present: registration and first post in the twilight lexicon. For the befuddled, let me explain: The Twilight Lexicon site (www.twilightlexicon.com) is the top-rating, long-standing fansite dedicated to all things Twilight, plus its sequels, New Moon and Eclipse, and other works by Stephenie Meyer, perhaps the hottest author in the universe today (J.K. Rowling has since taken a backseat). I've been dying to register, but I admit was intimidated by the truly insightful posts by hundreds of thousands of readers. On the afternoon of my birthday, I took a deep breath, filled up the profile fields, and clicked "submit." There. I'm a member! My first post was a self-introduction (as instructed by the moderators), and I proudly announced that it was my 38th birthday. Within a few minutes, I received half-a-dozen welcomes from around the twilight universe. The number tripled within a few hours. Besides the happy birthdays, they mostly applauded me for my...er...maturity. Heck, I got messages from 13-year-olds, forty-somethings...it was unbelievable. Never before have I seen with my own eyes the connections forged by the internet.

May 12th was the real party. My co-teachers and I shared bilaos of puto and pancit, and they gifted me with a brand new Swatch watch (aww, shucks...). We didn't party all day of course, being a work day ( I had to sneak out because I had a queue of interviewees waiting for me in the office).

All in all, I'm thankful for another year. I couldn't ask for anything more. I've got family and friends who love and support me--I've always had them, actually--but now, I've got friends in cyberspace too.

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