Saturday, July 17, 2010


What to do, what to do on a rainy, electric-powerless day...definitely not clean up the wicked mess Typhoon Basyang left on our front yard. My brother had a brilliant idea: hit the road to Lucban, Quezon!

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Kamay Ni Hesus Retreat Center

And what a road it was! Cavite and Laguna flew by quite nicely, but in Luisiana, Quezon, the road snaked upward like a bad Prozac dream. If I looked to the left,tree trunks were dangerously leaning toward the ground; on my right, if I dared to look, was a tangle of forest and "bangin". I munched my fears away with sandwiches and buko pie, and chatted with Mama, who by now, was feeling not so chipper with all those twists and turns.

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Road clearing operations delayed our trip

Our real destination was Kamay Ni Hesus, a young shrine famous for two things: the mountainside journey through Jesus' Stations of the Cross towards the Risen Christ, whose hands reach out to the weary pilgrims, and the Church where Fr. Joey Faller celebrates healing masses. We thoroughly missed the Wednesday mass by 8 hours, but the church felt so warm and inviting, that we went in anyway, said our prayers, and took several pose-y pictures. We looked longingly at the pilgrims' mountain,hoping to trudge to the top, but the non-stop drizzle and enveloping fog prevented us from doing so.

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A Pilgrim's Dream

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Healing Hands

Several photo-ops later, we decided to head back to the car and hit the road again. Because I was such a whiny baby, my brother took a longer, but less winding route back to Paranaque, which was still wallowing in darkness.

Definitely, this pilgrim is coming back in better weather.