Tuesday, December 22, 2009


LPs, vinyl, plaka (Tagalog). I have about 200 of those, inherited from my septuagenarian relatives, Auntie Charito and Uncle Sito who have since discovered the iPod and liked it. With those LPs came a Technics Quartz SL5300 record player that conked out last year when a stuffed Pooh fell on its arm in the middle of "Flashdance" (Imagine the scratchy explosive sound that blasted through my speakers!). So unless I go to Raon or have a vintage technician rehabilitate the thing, the LPs are just going to have to gather dust in my room.
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From Blogger Pictures

All the portable music players with their bottomless playlists cannot, in my archaic opinion, replace the vicarious thrill of sitting by a record player, sans remote, lifting the needle with care, counting the rings to estimate the track of my choice, replacing record after record until there's a pile of vinyl discs surrounding me on the floor.

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But some thrills have to come to an end. I am selling the LPs, and the Technics player to anyone out there who have a better means of preserving and enjoying these treasures. The proceeds of the sale will go to the fund for my cousin Patty Rosal, who has been confined in the hospital for two months due to aneurysm. Half that time she was in the ICU, near death, holding on to life with the help of prayers, machines, tubes, medicines and TLC. As I post this, she's still barely conscious and totally dependent on others (what's sad is she's only 41), and still in need of funds to pay the hospital bills and sustain her medication.

Please leave a comment with your name and contact number if you're interested to help and buy some records, preferably all of them.

Click this to view the titles. Prices are negotiable especially if you buy in bulk:

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