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From Blogger Pictures

I finally got around to checking out two presidential candidates' websites today. My idea was to do a "site-by-site" (a site side-by-side for comparative purposes). That wasn't really so smart, as I needed to minimize one to maximize the other. It was also my idea not to go deep into the sites (i.e. click everything on the screen)--it was 11:42pm after all--but to appraise the look and feel of the sites. I figured, with Noynoy and MV being the current occupants of the presidential leaderboard,I might as well look at the more trivial aspects of these two sites just for the heck of it. I promise to read their individual platforms better, for I subscribe to Joker's infamous question, "Why so serious?". Website-bashing is loads more fun than candidate-bashing, you know.

Noynoy stuck to the black and yellow scheme, as expected. This works for him, because it's a constant reminder of how famously yellow his deceased heroic parents were. The yellow ribbon on the upper left side of the header, shaped like a dove, is a surefire hit with Corysters worldwide. I personally would love to have that ribbon on my lapel.
As for Villar, well, we've seen his orange shirts, and there's nothing wrong with them. But to tint the whole website with a papaya-like hue is taking it too far.
For the website color war: Noynoy-1, Villar-0.

Villar's "V" sign is all over the place, and so is his photogenic face. The site's header boasts of flash-enabled images of him on a billboard. The rest of the homepage is very cluttered, with two links marked "OFW" and "HOUSING" that lead to forms that visitors need to fill up to get help and info. I wonder: does anyone even get a response from Villar himself?
Noynoy's header is composed of a medium-shot of him foregrounding what looks to be a scene from his first star-studded commercial. Looks good so far. What disappointed me was the left sidebar with the big black bold letters 'SUPPORT' and 'VOLUNTEER.' It just screams, "Help me! I don't have money to mount a national campaign!" And I go: Didn't Kris volunteer to support you (read: FUND your campaign) and hire a stylist for you?
For the homepage war: Noynoy-0, Villar-1

Just one statement about Noynoy's online media presence: HE AIN'T HIS SISTER KRIS.
Just one word about Villar's online media presence: WOWOWEE
For the Media war: Noynoy-0, Villar-1

Click to view the comedy:

Someday I will get around to actually reading their blogs and friending them both on facebook. Till then, here's a public service announcement from Rihanna:

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