Saturday, January 2, 2010

Exploring Candidates' Websites Series :The Official Website of Mar Roxas

The Offical Website of Mar Roxas

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Hey, I'm not campaigning for Mar Roxas, or for anyone in particular. That is not my style. But what I am is a curious, dubious website aficionado. So today, I wondered, what does a politician's website look like? After all, with the inevitable social networking explosion these days, I'm very sure that candidates' PR departments will maximize the relatively cost-efficient avenues provided by the internet.

Truthfully, I searched "Manny Villar" first. Error there. Mar Roxas' website loaded in .2 seconds (is that a sign?). Then I realized my personal faux pas: Roxas was running for VP, not president. In my mind, he was still a presidentiable (regrets, Korina?). Anyways, the website was waiting for me to be explored explore it.

The site was fairly easy to navigate. It's actually student-friendly, with its down-to-earth, highly readable blogs (by Roxas himself), discussion of issues on education, "murang gamot", agriculture, etc. There are many interesting tidbits for the clueless like me: that Roxas is the "father of call centers and BPO industry", that he was voted senator by 20 million Filipinos (a record, the site says), and that he has 24,586 Facebook fans (as of 2:04pm today), and that he eats leche flan with rice (hmm, shades of the Obamas and their cheeseburger binges).

I can fathom what Roxas' web press team is trying to do: make Roxas a poster boy for new politics, as opposed to the "trapo" stigma that many of his elders and contemporaries are projecting. All of Roxas' pictures on the site show a smiling, laid-back guy, with a good number featuring wife Korina, the two of them in frolicking pictures of marital bliss. The site is littered with tweets of support, testimonials that sing his praises. Even the blue Atenista color helps give him an air of respectability, prestige, and nobility, which aren't exactly the nouns you'd associate with the masses. For some reason, the "Mr. Palengke" monicker is absent from the site, which for me is a smart move, as the website's target audience aren't really the market-going public.

I give the marroxas site a two-thumbs up. Props to the web design team for keeping it simple, compact, and functional. Will Mr. Roxas' political career be just as simple, compact and functional? Wait till the ballots are scanned.

P.S. Just sharing (proudly, ahem) that I was a Gerry Roxas Leadership awardee in 1987...
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